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turian-chocolate replied to your post: everybody’s like ~OMG HANNIGRAM~ And I…

no you’re really not the only one :p (i’m kinda interested in seeing how the whole Hannigram situation’s going to turn out tho lol)

I feel as though everybody thinks that they’re gonna kiss or something and like I don’t know if that’s just me looking in on the whole situation

As long as people know that hannigram isn’t going to become canon I’m okay with it but-

(And Hell even if it does become canon I’ll be okay with it because that’s not my choice, I’ll just feel mildly uncomfortable with the entire situation)

everybody’s like ~OMG HANNIGRAM~

And I’m just


talk to me about hannibloom before i cry


Important things that happen on Hannibal tonight.


Important things that happen on Hannibal tonight.

LotR/The Hobbit meme, Day 1 Favorite hobbit
     Bilbo Baggins

It’s taken me an hour to choose a name for my character I mean I’m obviously a character development queen



Pushing Daisies (2007) || Hannibal (2013)

imagine if both columns belonged to the same show which progressively became darker and darker over the years